About Us


Looking to the need of the peoples of this area mainly because, there is no Hospital in this area & moreover, many poor & Backward class people are living in the slums (A biggest slum area, in Vadodara City) near this area. Management decided that there should be one good modern hospital in this area & hence, the building was constructed & the quality services were introduced.

Almighty God has blessed us and brought us to this stage of success. Through the support of banks, institutions, benevolent donors, well-wishers, honorary social workers & others we were able to achieve the state of modern institute. Test Data

We can not find appropriate words of gratitude for our dedicated donors, well wishers, honorary & dedicated workers, sponsors, consultants, and all others who always rendering their helping hand without expecting and returns.

We pray God to shower his richest blessings upon them. Give them peace & prosperity, health and happiness to share the happiness with those who are unhappy.

We bow before them & invoke their loving blessings.